Once again, after lots of time and energy, here's another program for you all! The Sims 2 WTF Editor (That's Wall, Terrain and Floor of course) will allow you to do the following:
View full sized images, and Edit Walls, Terrain Paints, and Floors: you can change price, description, name, catalog sort, and the sound that a floor tile makes.
Delete Walls, Terrain Paints, and Floors
Rename individual Walls, Terrain Paints, and Floors
Batch rename all the Walls, Terrain Paints, and Floors in any given directory so that they will have the same filename as their internal name.

Installation Information:

- If you download the installer: extract the EXE file from the zip and run it. It will place all the program files in their proper places, and create a shortcut for you.
- If you download the "no installer" version: extract the zip and it's contents into the folder of your choice, and then launch the "TS2WTFEditor.exe" file to start the program.

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